Thursday, 6 December 2012


A small transgression from the spaceship focus: the Ant-Tank.

This is an late era-I vehicle, commanded by a hybrid IA-human crew. Its design is peculiar because it is optimized for combat on regolith and low gravity environment -such as on the moon. The layout of its wheels ejects most of the moon dust to the side to avoid obscuring the optics and laser weapons.

The armament is plug-and-play and totally modular: apart from the forward emplacement (where the laser is in the current configuration), the aft compartment may contain personel or another weapon. Here, a second turret firing magnetically-accelerated flechettes provides extra firepower, especially if counter-measures are deployed against the laser (aerosol, plasma-generating armor or else).

In what is an early variant of later purely robotic runner-destroyers, the ant-tank can deploy legs. Normally, these are retracted in the main wheels and deploy when the terrain gets too rough. Additional fingers can lower the ground pressure of the vehicle in case the surface is soft.

The nick-name of the tank comes not only from its general configuration, but also from the forward antennas. These contain cameras and sensors useful for probing the ground or looking behind obstacles.

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