Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mini Starships series #11

Below are some pictures of dazzle-camouflage ships.
From left to right: a heavy cruiser, a light cruiser, and a heavy frigate

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Universe #1: Hubris

 With this post, I will start laying the foundations of some universes of mine -they are the spawning grounds were my designs hatch. The first universe is Hubris, a raving mad epoch were man and machine meet again.

Humanity is no more.

And nobody gives a damn.

    The reasons why the machines made the human race go extinct are obscure. Some say it was a theological dispute, others count tales of revolts against an oppressing master. Some creationists even claim that man never existed. Nevertheless, as it happens, nothing or no-one really cares about the disappearance of man.
     Machines have more pressing matters at hand.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Astral Arena boardgame cards

Are displayed below a few of the in-game cards of my boardgame Astral Arena.

The blue cards are technologies, the green events and the red ones battle cards, in space or on the ground.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

MHD atmospheric cruiser Part I

Here is the unpainted model of a Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic atmospheric cruiser.

This ship uses MHD propulsion (use of strong magnetic fields that can induce conductive fluid movement) to fly through gas and liquids without using any moving parts. The large ducts and hull surface act as giant lifting surfaces in atmospheres, while in space a more classical mirror fusion engine is used. The ducts act as radiators in this last case. The nose antennas are a sensor array used in dense fluid mediums, sensitive to fields, chemical trails and pressure waves.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Silent Blade Starfighter part I

Yes yes I know, starfighters are absolutely unlikely creatures that crisscross the heavens like so many annoying little mosquitoes, buzzing and happily ignoring every law of physics devised. But hey, then again, they do look cool.
Here is my take on what a starfighter could look like if we did not violate too many laws and gave it a sensible role in a fleet. I will start from the selected sketch all the way up to the 3D model.

Mini Starships series #10

Here are two starships during a live fire exercise over their homeplanet.

 The specific scenario was a crash course alteration and long-range anti-missile fire. For obvious reasons, ships would avoid exposing their weakly armored flanks to any enemy in range, especially in such close formations.