Wednesday, 6 February 2013

MHD atmospheric cruiser Part I

Here is the unpainted model of a Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic atmospheric cruiser.

This ship uses MHD propulsion (use of strong magnetic fields that can induce conductive fluid movement) to fly through gas and liquids without using any moving parts. The large ducts and hull surface act as giant lifting surfaces in atmospheres, while in space a more classical mirror fusion engine is used. The ducts act as radiators in this last case. The nose antennas are a sensor array used in dense fluid mediums, sensitive to fields, chemical trails and pressure waves.

the MHD cruiser with landing gear and bow ramp deployed
While the constraints on the hull shape are rather sharp, the MHD propulsion is very light on maintenance and efficient in very varied atmospheres -even in gas giants. The armament cannot be used while flying with MHD though, because the strong magnetic field interferes with the laser (located in the tear-dropped pod beneath the hull, as shown above).

Stern view of the ship, with its alternate asymmetrical duct configuration clearly visible
The face count is again about 7300 polygons -this being my current benchmark for 3D models. Of course this can be reduced on increased depending on the engine that will display the model.


  1. This design is so weird it can only be described as cool :D

  2. Your comment is so honest it can only be described as immensely flattering :]=