Monday, 4 February 2013

Silent Blade Starfighter part I

Yes yes I know, starfighters are absolutely unlikely creatures that crisscross the heavens like so many annoying little mosquitoes, buzzing and happily ignoring every law of physics devised. But hey, then again, they do look cool.
Here is my take on what a starfighter could look like if we did not violate too many laws and gave it a sensible role in a fleet. I will start from the selected sketch all the way up to the 3D model.

When I say fighter of course, I mean lightweight near-disposable multi-stage manned attack craft. It is to be released by an approaching fleet before its final deceleration and is intended on giving intelligence and harass enemy shipping. When the fighter is close enough to the target area, a large retro-booster fires up for several days and then disconnects. The main combat strap-on engine is still on in case a last minute course alteration is necessary. Then, it also eventually drops off, at last releasing the fighter.

At more than 150 tons, the fighter is not that light, and without a system to dampen inertia, it would not be able to maneuver a lot before exiting the target solar system from the other side. In the next post, we shall look a bit what's inside the starfighter.

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