Monday, 4 February 2013

Mini Starships series #10

Here are two starships during a live fire exercise over their homeplanet.

 The specific scenario was a crash course alteration and long-range anti-missile fire. For obvious reasons, ships would avoid exposing their weakly armored flanks to any enemy in range, especially in such close formations.

This is especially true for these ships that concentrate all armor in the front arc. Huge disposable armor tiles are held in front of the hull, in hope that it will dissipate the energy of lasers or kinetic impactors. Depending on the mission profile, further layers can be added at the expense of acceleration.
The armament is mounted on large armored turrets that can fire while the rest of the hull is masked by the armor. The destroyer in the picture above has a turret located just on top of its engine group -not a very sound idea given the vibrations the propulsion emits when working. This reduces the amount of armoring required and allows the engines to directly pump the laser weapon.

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