Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Universe #1: Hubris

 With this post, I will start laying the foundations of some universes of mine -they are the spawning grounds were my designs hatch. The first universe is Hubris, a raving mad epoch were man and machine meet again.

Humanity is no more.

And nobody gives a damn.

    The reasons why the machines made the human race go extinct are obscure. Some say it was a theological dispute, others count tales of revolts against an oppressing master. Some creationists even claim that man never existed. Nevertheless, as it happens, nothing or no-one really cares about the disappearance of man.
     Machines have more pressing matters at hand.

     The last generations of Mechanical Oracles have been unable to reach out and communicate with God. Deprived of their link with the Creator for the very first time, the machines slowly succumb to madness. Every day that passes the numbers of machines joining pagan cults or practicing psychotic rites increase: fratricide aggressions, collective suicides become ever more common. Nothing seems able to stop the all-engulfing maelstrom of insanity.

     As madness relentlessly progresses, an Oracle-Machine takes an unbelievable initiative. Violating all the taboos and interdicts of its race, the Oracle recreates a human. It has been a long time since such a creature roamed the worlds, and nobody really knows what it is capable of. Still, machines feel an instinctive fear towards the humans: didn't they almost prevail against the machines, at just ten thousand against millions ?
    Does the Oracle know that what she brought back to life is the latest, deadliest evolutionary step of man ?

What if the Oracle had resuscitated its own maker ?


  1. Now those are some machines I'd like to see.

  2. Thank you Sol !
    I designed this 'universe' in the early 90s. If I revive it -for a game, say- I will be glad to show here the updated version !