Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ganymedian light cruiser part I

Below is a typical example of how fast the Ganymedian yards have caught up with their inner planet's counterparts. This vessel is intended as a fast commerce raider: what it cannot outgun it can outrun. 

 Some will question the use of fast scatter-flechettes as a main weapon mount, but it makes senses when operating against slow haulers or orbital installations. A medium sized-laser mount aimed by an suite of targeting lidars completes the on-board armament.

 This ship features an original configuration: the ship has two 'stances': one for cruising, and one for combat. In order to change stance, it rotates 90 degrees to reduce its ballistic profile as well as allow for lateral movement while firing. The fast jerks that this torchship is able to perform while still showing its armored nose to the enemy complicates enemy torpedo attacks -even laser aiming, sometimes.

This ship is also used as a division leader for smaller IA-controlled destroyers and missile boats. A task for which it is finally ill-suited since it cannot carry any stores or propellant mass for the smaller ships.


  1. Till now this is by far my favorite ship of yours. Nice job !

  2. Cheers SolCommand !
    I see what you like: this is the most idea-driven design I put on the blog as yet. I'll try and advance some others I have in mind.

    Thank you, and see you on SpaceSimCentral !