Thursday, 3 January 2013

A fistful of aliens part I

Below are a few aliens.

Since they are all supposed to belong to intelligent species, they all possess means to use tools -whether they use their limbs, tentacles or even tongues.

- The hallucinated live in two worlds: the 'coherent' one and the 'decoherent'. The second they live in when they release into their blood-stream hallucinogenic drugs from their special glands.
- The mitosers grow their offsprint on their back, attached to their spine. Sometimes four or five at-a-time.
- The treehuggers originate from a world where vegetal life is as elaborate as the animal. They are completely adapted to a forested environment, where visibility is low and where their huge mobile ears help them navigate.
- The monks may harden or soften any of their body parts, depending on their mood and their sexual cycle.
 They do not have a real skeleton to speak of, only a structure of muscle-stiffened cartilage.

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