Friday, 11 January 2013

A fistful of aliens part II

Here are some more aliens !

- The toxic originates from a planet with very dense atmosphere and undergrowth: it uses a sonar for direction. Its ears are located on its elbows and the two membranes connected with its front legs collect and orient the echos through bone conducts to the ears. Its colorful appearance signals that its skin is covered with toxic peptides. So are his tongues, that the toxic uses to grip and manipulate things. Its ancestor was akin to a chiropter that lost its flying capability. While they are not specially aggressive per se, they are known to consume their own kin, their youngsters being considered a delicacy.

- The nidifier is a strange evolutionary marvel, with an intelligence that fluctuates along its egg-laying cycle. There are no real males to speak of in the species, only different sorts of females. Longer epicycles also influence its memory and other capabilities. Synchronization and harmonization of those cycles are at the center of the nidifier's society. The tail-hands are remains of limbs used to take care of eggs (oxygenation and repositioning of eggs, specifically). Dominant females also sport a large hollow crest above the head, used for infra-sonic communication.

- The Pillar shows a double symmetry body: radial and axial. A very large head houses a long prehensile tongue and other retractable olfactory organs. With this agile tongue acting as hand, the main limbs have degenerated into powerful but fingerless pseudo-hooks. Males are smaller but with bigger heads, because of the larger chemio-receptors inside.

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