Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Space Eeel part I

A little bit of Master of Orion, a pinch of Dune and a sprinkle of the Empire Strikes Back, and you got yourself an asteroid-burrowing spaceship-eating 150 meters long predator.

This monster's origins are not clear, although it is suspected that it is not a construct: it must have found its way to living in the hard vacuum by itself. Its lack of easily distinguishable brain makes it impossible to be sure if it devolved from a species capable of mutating itself in such a way. The standard theory involves a possible past parasitic lifestyle in the innards of the large stargrazers, progressively mutating towards an autonomous lifestyle exposed to hard radiation and vacuum.

In any case, the Space Eel is known for is ravenous appetite, and can shred a spaceship in seconds if it passes close enough to its burrow. It is quite likely that the eel is attracted to radiation in the high energy part of the spectrum, and some speculate that it can also detect neutrons thanks to specialized sensors filed with organic solvents.

At 4000 triangles (damn that curvy long tail), the Space Eel has also a big appetite for polygons -but how can you make it twist its tail if you don't use lots of them ?

In the next post about this creature, I will replace its current generic skin texture with a more appropriate one.

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