Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mechs and StuGs #1

Below are a few color profiles of armored fighting vehicles.

There are:
- an aninertial self-propelled howitzer, more likely a StuG (sturmgesch├╝tz: assault gun in German). The chassis is swiveling on top of an unbalanced cross-wheeled base. The vehicle sports a high velocity railgun with shell injection (the shell is initially fired by a powder cartridge and then the railgun takes over). Thanks to the aninertial dampener, the chassis can fully rotate in less than a second.
- an armored car (Gepard), armed with a small squeeze-bore anti-materiel gun. A small retractable laser turret is located in the rear part of the turret.
- a mobile siege laser, the largest diameter laser mounted on a legged chassis. The firing arc is 360 degrees although the laser is not suitable for point defense. The design is a bit unbalanced and too heavy on the front legs since the turret had to be moved forward during the design (to accommodate the cooling circuits). Sensors in the head of the chassis provide ground-penetrating scanning to a depth of one meter (using a small particle accelerator).
- a low-gravity recon tank, equipped with a pivoting 6-wheel mount. The wheels can rotate around a common axis to give a better off-road capability. A 20mm gauss gun is housed in the turret.

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