Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mini Starships series #9, orbital stations

Here are some orbital installations.

Of course, no orbital installation will exist on its own: it will rely on a complex array of smaller structures, some mobile, others immobile. The basic problem with anything orbital is vulnerability: it is easy for an enemy to forecast its future position and hence target it from afar. Orbitals have to be able to drastically change their orbit if needed, or perhaps disassemble themselves into smaller pieces to confuse the attacker. That means engines, fuel, stronger structure and thus higher cost.
Using a hollowed-out asteroid is tremendously expensive and not very secure: even nickel-iron asteroids are very vulnerable to high speed penetrators.

Orbital shipyards were all but abandoned when powerful enough Higgs generators allowed for ships to be lifted off underground building facilities. Only in asteroid and Kuiper belts do we still find orbital building installations.

Here below is a quick montage with the Overlord in orbit of a terran-type planet.

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