Monday, 21 January 2013

Myasishchev Крокодил transport part II

The Myasishchev M-85 has been christened 'Crocodile' (Крокодил) by the troops due to its long nose and large mouth. The unofficial name stuck pretty well because the aircraft proved to have larger teeth than expected.

I remodeled this aircraft since the first post, to give it a pseudo-stealth shape with cut-diamond faces.

The Crocodile is a sesquiplane trans-orbital transport designed in 2028 by Myasishchev -alternative history timeline. It features VTOL capacity and stealth profile, and the ability to clear the Landing Zone by itself. It is armed with a nose laser and a tail smaller one, so it has near 360 degrees point defense coverage. As with most of the soviet war machines, it is excessively heavily armed, with several hard-points on the extrados of the wing (this is because anything carried under the wing will melt during atmospheric re-entry, while on top of the wing it is sheltered from the excessive kinetic heating).

As before, the large jettisonable tank on its back contains the much needed fuel in case the Crocodile has to go into low orbit with full payload.

The model is made up of 7300 triangles everything included. The next part will deal with the texturing and UV mapping.

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