Saturday, 22 December 2012

SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm, H.G. Wells style, part I

Below is a model of the SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm, pre-dreadnought of the Branderburg Class, as modified in 1904-05 to become airborne. To do so, the Imperial Dockyards in Wilhelmshaven incorporated cavorite alloys inside her hull to make her partially ignore gravitation.

The KFW is here seen just before her 1909 refit -even though it was already quite obsolete by then, it had rendered invaluable service as it was the first German armored airship. It supported the Kaiser's early settlements on Venus, suppressed the Lunar rebellion of 1912, and even battered to submission the HMS Cornwallis in an unlikely encounter above Mars.
Although not without its design weaknesses, the KFW was a good spaceship and always considered a lucky ship by her crews.

It's cavorite was removed to be used in the later Nassau class battleships, and the hull was broken up just after.


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